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A thermocouple is a measurement temperature device consisting of two different conductors that contact one another at one or more places, where temperature differences are experienced by different conductors (or semiconductors). It also produces a voltage when the temperature of one of the contact points is different from the other reference temperature, in a process known as the thermoelectric effect. Thermocouples are a widely used type of temperature sensor for measurement and control, and can also convert temperature gradients into electricity. Commercial thermocouples are cheap, interchangeable, supplied with standard connectors, and can measure various temperatures. Unlike most other methods of temperature measurement, the thermocouple is self-powered and requires no external form of excitation. The main limitation with thermocouples is accuracy; system errors less than one degree Celsius (° C) can be difficult to achieve. Any different metal intersections will produce electric potentials associated with temperature. Thermocouples for practical measurement of temperatures that are intersections of special alloys that have predicted and recurrent relationships between temperature and voltage. Different alloys are used for different temperature ranges. Properties such as corrosion resistance may also be important when choosing thermocouple types. Where measurement points are far from measuring devices, intermediate connections can be made with extension cables that are less expensive than the materials used to create sensors. Thermocouples are usually standard against 0 degrees Celsius temperature; practical instruments using electronic methods of cold junction compensation to adjust for a variety of temperatures on the instrument terminal. Electronic instruments can also compensate for the various thermocouple characteristics, and improve the precision and measurement accuracy. Thermocouples are widely used in science and industry; applications include temperature measurements for kilns, exhaust gas turbines, diesel engines, and other industrial processes. Thermocouples are also used in homes, offices and businesses as temperature sensors in thermostats, as well as fire sensors in safety devices for gas powered main equipment. Tel: 021 565-6704 Fast Response: 0813.9930.2188 Email: [email protected] Thermocouple Custom Made From The Finnest Selection Material. Avialable In Many Type. Temperature Sensor Omega Electric Spet For Temperature Sensor & Instrumentation. Please Fell Free To Contact Us For Consultation Or Catalog. Tel: 021 565-6704 Fast Response: 0813.9930.2188 Email: [email protected] High Accuracy. Made According To Your Sample. Fastest Delivery

Jual Thermocouple

Thermocouple atau biasa yang disebut dengan termokopel merupakan jenis alat sensor suhu yang digunakan untuk mendeteksi atau mengukur suhu melalui dua jenis logam konduktor berbeda yang digabung pada ujungnya sehingga menimbulkan efek “Thermo-electric”. Omega Electric jual berbagai jenis thermocouple dengan harga murah.

Distributor Thermocouple

Omega Electric merupakan distributor thermocouple di jakarta, yang menjual berbagai macam tipe thermocouple berkualitas.

Thermocouple Jakarta

Omega Electric menjual thermocouple berbagai jenis dan tipe dengan harga murah. Thermocouple adalah salah satu jenis alat ukur temperatur yang menggunakan prinsip termoelektris pada sebuah material.