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Thermocouple is a temperature sensor that is widely used for various industrial applications. This tool is a type of temperature sensor that is used to detect or measure temperature through two different types of metal conductors that are joined at the ends so as to cause the effect "Thermo-electric". The thermocouple's rapid response to temperature changes and also its wide operating temperature range ranges from -200 ° C to 2000 ° C. In addition to its fast response and wide temperature range, Thermocouples are also resistant to shock / vibration and are easy to use.

Therocouple is designed from different electrical conductor metal materials arranged in such a way that when one metal is exposed to a heat source, while the other metal is kept at a fixed temperature, the circuit will produce a certain electrical voltage whose value is proportional to the temperature of the heat source.
As a distributor and supplier of cheap thermocouples in Indonesia, we provide superior products that are certainly reliable for your various needs.

Jual Thermocouple

Thermocouple atau biasa yang disebut dengan termokopel merupakan jenis alat sensor suhu yang digunakan untuk mendeteksi atau mengukur suhu melalui dua jenis logam konduktor berbeda yang digabung pada ujungnya sehingga menimbulkan efek “Thermo-electric”. Omega Electric jual berbagai jenis thermocouple dengan harga murah.

Distributor Thermocouple

Omega Electric merupakan distributor thermocouple di jakarta, yang menjual berbagai macam tipe thermocouple berkualitas.

Thermocouple Jakarta

Omega Electric menjual thermocouple berbagai jenis dan tipe dengan harga murah. Thermocouple adalah salah satu jenis alat ukur temperatur yang menggunakan prinsip termoelektris pada sebuah material.

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